Pipe Bag Description



  • Straight into the drum set, lift up helmet washing bag Pioneer in the same batch for more soft-multifold, especially for front-load washers and tilted door washers.
  • Suitable for light cleaning items, hard, difficult to clean with a brush or by regular washing : helmets , school bags, sports bags, travel bags, tents collapse, gloves, laptop bag, mobile cover, wallet, pocket, bra or utensils spectacle as the children puzzle toys, hats, shoes… bags protective tube power supplies safe , clean fragrance, no -pounding with washing machine, saving time, give  more space around clean and better health.
  • With elastic fabric and high-quality foam layer has helped many small holes with soapy water easily crept into the items, clean any stains, eliminate the impact of hardware items to steel cages in a washing machine.
  • Drainage is ensured by a mesh 5 cm, push all the dirt out after each washing, squeezed, discharge. Power holds  items inside while protecting drum and turntable still operate easily.
  • Bag Pipe Power can be safe even when washing with hot water and dried in the sun.


  • Dimensions: Height x width: 40cm x 40cm
  • Colors: Black rims Red
  • The height and width of the bag pipes fits in 7kg drum upward
  • Mesh part drains water and dirt easily.

Black rims Red


Black rims Red in Top Load washing machine

The high of Power bag fit with wide of machine from 7kg up
Water and dust will easy to get out

  • FRONT LOAD: Washer front door glass should be protected when doing laundry light and stiff, rounded cap will take effect without affecting the water out into..
  • TOP LOAD: You will need round cap if the high is not higher than pipe bag
Túi ống Power trong máy giặt cửa trước, bảo vệ lồng giặt và kính trước
Pipe bag – Power in front load washing machine


Túi ống Power trong máy giặt cửa trên, vừa tầm nước vào và ra
Pipe bag – Top load – Power bag is fit with high of machine, may not use round cap.
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