Washing Bag Questions

Does MiMiMi wash Helmet cleanly?

MiMiMi Helmet Washing Bag combined with 1 progress of washing machine will help clean the smoke stick detailing, as the dust of the hat strap, and lock the edges and sewing line of the helmet.

Use laundry bag in the washing machine damage the washing machine or not?

MiMiMi Helmet Washing Bag with foam, mesh and elastic that keeps safe for washing machines to wash lightweight and hardweight materials. With cleaness mechanism in a washing machine cycle, come together with washing powder and softener, the helmet washing bag will absorbed the water into the hat and this will completely enhance the features of the hat washing as clothes washing. Be sure to choose wash cycle full of water and 2 bags in a one batch to save water.

Choose full water on washing machine menu

Choose full of water on washing machine menu

When washing bag has covered all the helmet, where does the washing effection show?

The heart cone will take out the dirt with the water easily after washing cycle of full water, there’s no dirt on the helmet, water will penetrate fabric and foam strongly making thick and weighs for a protection, no- pounding while cleaning.

Washer will be faster at the time of spin-drying, if the helmet bumps into the washing drum, does helmet harm a wahser?

When washer operates centrifuge to remove water from the stuff, the helmet will stick to the wall of the drum under centrifugal force, after fisnishing spining cycle, this helmet will roll on the tray,then the foam will disappear the task of pounding of the helmet’s piping. The washing bag  will roll gently, until the next cycle or the next stop.

Helmet has nothing dirty, I also added another hat underneath?

When traveling, the entire surface is dirty and the wind brought dust creep inside the helmet (depending on the particular design of each brand), helmet strap and buckles are the most exposed parts. When you go to work, go shopping or go out, hand and glove also exposed to many physical complex situation: vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, hanging items on store shelves … when rain downs,in addition, rain water and dirt dust put into helmet through ventilation apertures and lining. Thus, when you use accidentally masks and hats, impurities will stick to skin and hair.

If I want to buy 1 hat only for washing all helmet sizes of family, which one I should buy?

Size X – the maximum size for a full face helmet which is tied inside the washing bag can roll freely in a safe way. Do not clean many helmets at the same time, the hardware will scratch each other. You should better buy each type for each size to protect the helmets and washing drum perfectly.

What should I keep in mind if I want to buy a helmet washing bag that uses for long, how to maintain it?

Note that  after washing has just finished , let your MiMiMi air-dry to avoid moisture. It can be  used to store for children’s toys. Empty of your MiMiMi of any small things or sharp objects to avoid tearing the bag and items

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