Washing Bag Instruction


1. Gài dây gọn, tháo kính ngoài
1. Fasten a chin strap, remove a pro shield
2. Đặt nón vào lòng túi giặt Pioneer
2. Put a helmet inside MiMiMi
3. Gút dây, mút vừa bao đều vành nón bảo hiểm
3. Make a MiMiMi’s knot 
4. Giặt với chế độ phủ đầy nước
4. Wash with full of water
5. Phơi nắng, nón khô trong 45 phút
5. Dry in the sun for 45 minute 


  • Adjust objects follow the instructions before cleaning, check around the hard rim portion to avoid collisions with the drum set cleaning.
  • Use helmet washing bag MiMiMi regularly to protect washer. Items be cleaned easy, convenient and quick.
  • Use helmet washing bag for each cleaning purposes.
  • Combined with Power Pipe Bag ( round drum ) to wash a lot of different things but still well protected washer.
  • Often combined with mesh bags for washing small items, tightening MiMiMi.
  • Hats should be washed separately, keeping better scent.


  • Do not place the bag in the washing machine without tightening mouth of a bag.
  • Do not touch the bag when  washer would not finish.
  • Do not use washing bags for the heavy kinds.
  • Only use to clean for sewing utensils and garments, no metal , no glue or sticky substance can soluble in water and washing powder.
  • Use helmet washing bag combined with manual washing machine.
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