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MiMiMi Washing Bag
  • Utility helmet washing bag uses for washing the hard, light things which is hard to handle by brush or regular washing including helmets, sport shoes, gloves, wallets, rimmed bras, phone covers…or baby toys such as: Lego, hat and  shoes…MiMiMi keeps things safe, fresh and no pounding with washing machine. It will help you save time, clean up the space around  and good for the health of your whole family.
  • With elastic waterproof fabric and high-quality foam layer has helped many small holes with soapy water easily crept into the items, clean any stains, eliminate the impact of hardware items to steel drum in a washing machine. >>>
Pioneer M - Xanh ngọc + Hồng đào
MiMiMi M - Blue pearl and pink
Pioneer M - Cam tươi + Đen
MiMiMi M - Orange and Black
Pioneer L - Màu bạc + Hồng đào
MiMiMi L - White and Orange
Pioneer L - Xanh ngọc + Trắng
MIMiMi L - Blue and white
MiMiMi X - Black- green ( Military-style)
Bag Pipe Power
  • Straight into the drum set, lift up helmet washing bag MiMiMi in the same batch for more soft-multifold, especially for front-load washers and tilted door washers.
  • Suitable for light cleaning items, hard, difficult to clean with a brush or by regular washing: helmets, sport shoes, school bags, sports bags, travel bags, tents collapse, gloves, laptop bag, mobile cover, wallet, pocket, bra or utensils spectacle as the children puzzle toys… bags protective tube power supplies safe , clean fragrance , no -pounding with washing machine , saving time , give  more space around clean and better health.>>>


Power pipe bag with a lid can be demounted
and fit for all kinds of washer
put it in the drum of top loading washers

You work with the computer for many hours per day, the narrow space at your workplace makes you more prone to shoulder pain, back and neck? Hello Kitty pillows office will resolve your concerns. Office soft pillows will support your back, arms, chest at the hard edge of the table  lifting your neck and scruff while napping. Hello Kitty pillows office – handy, polite to the office.


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