Pillow Questions

Is a pillow safe and smooth?

Core pillow has 2 types : synthetic cotton and foam. Both are very clean and safe.Synthetic cotton: very smooth and silky

Foam: Totally brand new foam that make you have some feelings about Kitty pillow’s smooth because of a gap between new unmatched foam. After 1 week use, 2 kinds of pillow will be the same.

In office, those  also have Kitty pillows, accidentally take it wrong ?

You can give your sign on white area of Kitty figure.

Can Kitty pillow be used for no armrest office chair?

Pillow will be more effective when office chair has no armrest, rotate pillow horizontally, a pillow’s waist will support your back, pillow’s ears will support your elbow when you leaned back. Belts are wire wrapped to the back seat, clutching a pillow at a position you want.

Kitty pillow is black how can you know it’s clean or not?

A part of the pillow is a Kitty cat on the side, if you see the color changes, it’s time to wash.

Can the pillow size be in the washing machine?

When washing a pillow, rotate the pillow horzontally, so height is controlled (by right drum width – 45 cm), if in the process of washing, pillow turns swivelling stand, you just stuffed down horizontal hip and drum washing cycle can be continue.

Is there any way to hang Kitty pillow not to change its shape?

You should hang up a belt on a hooks and exposure to the sun  in 2 hours to keep that piloow swell, mild,clean fragrance like that. More exposed to the wind can dry it thoroughly.

I want you give my friend a Kitty pillow and pay it first, do you take my order?

Yes, we still delivery to a donee after an invoice has been paid, money is in our company’s account. You should choose right time to delivery for the donee receiving gifts on schedule. Example: Birthday tomorrow, you need to order today before a party starts (delivery time from 8 am to 5 pm). Requests for birthday present (has a ribbon on the gift) you should clearly note in ordering stock.

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