Pillow Instruction

>>>  At  the office:

1. Use a pillow front: Hugging around Kitty’s waist

  • Vertical: bearing up your neck to lean on the front desk.
  • Beam: bearing mice-using arms, support arms.
  • Tilt to the left: sitting up with your head tilt.


2. Use at the back: Wrap the waistband of  Kitty pillow over the back seat

  • Set the vertical up: bearing your back.
  • Set the horizontal pillow, block corner chair:  support  apart of your curved back

3. Use a flat pillow: pillow used as normal

  • Set the horizontal pillow: Pillow’s waist will support the scruff of your neck
  • Put a pillow on the side: hugging pillow’s waist as a bolster
  • Put a pillow under foot: Lifting your knee high, maybe using hip rotation to be higher



>>> At home:

  1. Sitting on the sofa, pillow front, a concave part will help neck while watching TV, while drowsy to sustain your neck.
  2. When you watch a laptop on a table or sofa.
  3. Rotate to horizontal to support your neck and shoulders to be wide and easier.
  4. Put 3 pillows as cushions on the sofar, turning the front part of the waistband.


  • Pillow should be kept in horizontal position of the drum, cram it close down to avoid Kitty pillow swiveling up.
  • Sun exposure: hangging hook belt up
Đặt gối Kitty vào ngang lồng giặt

Set Kitty pillow in horizontal position

Treo thắt lưng gối Kitty lên móc

Set the head with the last horizontal pillow bearing waist


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