About us

Mimimi Producing Trading Services Company Limited was established in Ho Chi Minh City ,Vietnam in 2013 . We are young , energetic , playful team who love handy and innovative applications in the aspects of life .
We apply innovation – ideas on convenience items , clothing , household items. These products will help women with household chores, and bring more happiness in life.

Pioneer Helmet Washing Bags , Pipe bags Power, help the washer accomplish many more tasks , not only clean the soft items the hard ones. The products specialize in cleaning helmets and hard items in modern life as iPad covers, phone cases and mobile phone protective devices.

Providing a solution for many needs: washing all the things are used every day that people can not cleaning easily such as backpack, travel bag, wallet, leather wallet.Dusty items which sweaty and used often or too dirty.

Other Products : Pillow Hello Kitty office help your workplace more pleasant or relaxing at home

We are honored to serve you .

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